Experienced in clinical audits

Our team has many years of combined experience in developing and supporting national and international, enterprise-level systems, specifically in the healthcare and national clinical audit area

Our audits are:

Ridiculously Reliable

We have maintained the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD), the UK's leading hip fracture audit, since 2013 with over 99.9% uptime. We only use our own servers, which are placed in one of the most secure and well-engineered data centres in the UK.

Stupidly Secure

We handle patients' data from over 200 hospitals daily. We have to be paranoid about security. We only use the most secure software and systems available, place our servers in a fully approved fort-knox style datacentre, and our staff are fully trained in information governance and contractually bound to protect your data at all times. We are fully compliant with all regulatory and NHS data processing rules and meet all information governance requirements.

Crazily Compatible

Login and go! Our products are web-based and require no installation. If you have a web browser, you're good to go! All our current products are compatible with most older browsers, so your institution doesn't need the latest technology, although it will help!.

Clinical Auditing: Win-Win

Effective clinical auditing saves everyone's time, money, and improves patient care and outcomes

Our Audit Services

We already handle thousands of records every day, but we still want more!

Information Governance (IG) Compliant

Relax, we're fully up to speed with all information governance compliances. Our staff are fully trained and certified, our data centre meets all requirements for the NHS and national standards, its ISO certified and we take great care handling all the data we collect.

Flexible Deployment

We've developed a range of solutions for clients' complex needs. We can provide cloud and self-installed local solutions and have a team of networking specialists for particularly tricky deployments. As long as you have internet access you have access to a secure audit system.

Carefully Evaluated Data

We ensure the data we collect is the best it can possibly be. Our systems use complex validation rules and we carefully evaluate all the data we collect to get the best possible data. We provide user guides and user training, all of which supports the people actually doing the work.

Ultra Compatible

Our systems have been successfully deployed on large, highly variable, healthcare IT systems. Our systems are tested to ensure they work on both legacy and modern web browsers. Now that mobile computing is becoming more available, we're working hard to deliver data to these devices.

Technical Support

We provide full technical support, including helpdesks, for all our products. Our support staff are highly trained, experienced, and have software development and IT systems backgrounds. We run our own in-house service which means you deal directly with our support professionals who know our systems and solutions inside out.


We help out our clients with all the documentation and paperwork that tends to come with any large audit system. Not just the regulatory paperwork, but the user guides, system documentation, training guides and quick-start references too.

Dynamic Reporting

We provide some of the best audit reporting on the market. We make reporting audit data as straightforward as possible by providing visual charts and graphs, a variety of data formats, and customizable interfaces. Our new dashboard service is coming soon - dynamic, flexible and really easy to use!

Facility, Spotlight, and Sprint Audits

It can be pretty complicated to organize audits in a hospital environment. We provide a range of input methods, each fast and simple, which make our audits as unobtrusive as possible. However you want to collect your data, we can provide a system to suit.

Ultimate Flexibility

Audit datasets are constantly changing and keeping up with annual versions and interim extensions can be a daunting prospect. But, we have some good news, our proven architecture can support flexible data structures so you don't have to worry about version consistency or database constraints.

Full Control

Remote Administration and online metrics give your administrators and users full control over the system, its approved users and security. Coming soon is a complete online management dashboard with real-time updates of progress and system status.

Content Management

It's not just about the audit, your users and stakeholders often need more than just good data collection. We can offer a complete environment of document storage, reports, image registers, user forums and more besides.

Flexible Security

Our systems can manage user authorisation and still provide record-by-record access to data, whether to just read or update it, and still control access by organisation or by role. We have one of the most powerful and flexible security systems available and the experience to manage it.

The Full Package

We provide everything necessary to run a clinical audit system

The Hardware

Our own professional, secure, rock-solid cloud based servers or your own local solutions are available.

The Software

Auditing platforms tailored to your needs. We have designed a variety of successful audit platforms.

The Support

Specialist support from our own experienced and qualified staff, as and when you need it.


I have had the privilege of working with Crown Informatics on a major National Audit programme. Crown are completely professional and reliable in all their work and communications and have delivered an excellent product. Not only do the team deliver the requirements of our programme, they also help us innovate and develop new information products to constantly improve the outputs of our programme.

Dr. Roz Stanley B.Sc. Ph.D. - Programme manager, FFFAP

The team at Crown are enormously responsive to our needs, and those of our users and we consider their input completely invaluable to our mission to deliver a high quality national clinical audit programme, enabling the driving up of clinical standards.

Chris Boulton LLB, Royal College of Physicians

The team

Specialist support from our own experienced and qualified staff, as and when you need it

Tim Bunning

Principal Consultant

Tim is an experienced consultant, systems developer and company director. He has over 20 years working with informatics, data collection and analytical systems in healthcare, retail, banking and professional services. Tim founded Crown Informatics in 2013 to create new audit solutions after working on several national clinical audits within the NHS. Tim is Principal Consultant, Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director and has overall responsibility for Crown systems and solutions.

Steve Dean

Principal Audit Consultant

Steve is an experienced healthcare professional and has worked in numerous roles within the NHS for over 30 years. He has worked on many national clinical audit and other informatics projects within the NHS for the last 12 years. Steve is our Principal Audit Consultant and has overall responsibility for clinical audit and stakeholder involvement.

Jonathan Roberts

Systems Manager

Jonathan is an experienced consultant, systems developer and company director. He has over 20 years working with technical solutions, systems infrastructure and technologies. Jonathan co-founded Crown Informatics in 2013 to create new audit solutions after working on several national clinical audits within the NHS. Jon is our systems manager and has overall responsibility for Crown support and service delivery.

Jason Komaromy

Programme Manager

Jason is a qualified PRINCE 2 Practitioner and joined Crown in February 2015 as Programme Manager. He has over 20 years experience within various roles, including delivering successful project and business change across Europe. As Programme Manager, Jason is responsible for governance, control and reporting as well as continuous improvement of the programme office, to ensure successful delivery of our solutions to you.

Martin Snowden

Support Manager

Martin is an experienced technology specialist. He has over 20 years working with technical solutions, systems infrastructure and technologies. Martin has worked in banking and local government and has worked on several national clinical audits within the NHS. Martin is our support manager and has overall responsibility for Crown support services.

Sam Dudley

Web Developer

Sam used to develop websites in high school before studying music at York University. He now focuses on web development, data analysis and UI web development.

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